" Apple Tea Slice " Pecan, Nutmeg and Rooibos Tea Slices


What is Rooibos Tea?
Our Rooibois Tea Slices are something you've never tasted before. The combination of the tea & fusion of spices will give you a burst of flavours to stimulate all of your senses. We love combining unusual ingredients & bringing you something never seen or tasted before, so lets experience something new today.
Organic Apple , Organic Sweet potato, Organic Orange, Organic Banana, Organic Eggs, NUTS : Pecans, Coconut flour, Oil, flakes, Buckwheat flour, Himalayan crystals, Spices:               ( cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla , Roiboose , Cardamon ) , 
 All of our products are organic, refined sugar free, dairy/gluten/wheat free. 
No additives, no colourings, no E numbers, 100% natural as nature intended.
High antioxidants
Anti inflammatory
High energy
Speeds up metabolism
Can help Regulate blood sugar levels
Fat burning
Mood enhancing
Box Size:
Small - 8
Medium - 12
Large - 16
Shelf life:
Fresh - 6 days
Frozen - 1 month (once out of the fridge to be consumed within 2 days)
Because the order is made fresh - please place an order 3 days in advance. Delivery will be made on the 3rd day.

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Type: Slices

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