12 weeks Pure Relaxation and De - Stress Plan


All our clients get the best results by switching to natural, tailored handmade product recipes. 
Essential, pure, relaxing experience for your mind and body.
Calm your energy down when needed using our unique techniques
Deal with any stress that life throws at you with strength and awareness.
Use your breath to unleash the power of your inner light.
Specific, carefully selected deep breathing exercises using power of essential oils
Himalayan salt, peppermint, coconut cream and vanilla full body scrub to take every cell of your body through an ultimate relaxing experience.
Deep detoxifying Fresh Rose foot soak recipe. 
Caffeine free organic handmade tea infusions bursting with natural antioxidants, vitamins, essential oils, fibre, whole flowers, leafs, roots and pieces of fruits.
12 Private Exercise Sessions with stretching and meditation.

Allow every area of your life: work, family, business, relationships, health, wealth etc. to take the direction you desire. You are in control of your emotions = you are in control of your life. Enjoy

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