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  "BELIGHTFULL " -  Luxuriously Sweet and Wealthy Lifestyle!

The Philosophy

Transform ALL area of Your Life Through Strong Fit Healthy Body & Mind! 
Your Success Needs YOU!  Your Dream Needs YOU!  Your Family Needs YOU! 
So Start with YOU! 


Using over 20 years of experience of Mega Results with Clients from All Around The World.  Specific Tailored Exercises, Yoga, Pilates, Mind Work, NLP, Nutrition, Stress Management, Corporate Wealth and Injury Prevention for maximum results in Your Body, Mind, Relationships, Business and Every Area of your life that is Really Important To You! 

Do you know what is your Wealth Success and Happy Mind? 
Do you find yourself making most ridiculous, expensive, life threatening mistakes?

Do you ask yourself:” How could I do something like that?” 
Your mindset can be sabotaging your life, your money, your relationships… Shall I continue?

How many times you wanted to change your body and only found yourself with even more inches and kilograms every month, every year. 
How many times you wanted to change your job, make more money and….. You are still here


How many years your business is loosing money or you have to work 24/7 to make minimum and never see your family? 
Your life is the most precious attribute you have!
Biggest illusion is that you think you have time. That you can do it later! 

Your mind can either create most beautiful healthy wealthy fun life OR, it can keep you where you are No Matter how many motivational videos and posts you will watch, no matter how much you want to have more money, better health, great fulfilling relationships, travel around the world, create empire, give your children best life possible. 
What ever your dreams are, Your Mind , Your Beliefs Will Stay on the way! 
Unless You Will Make a Decision and Act NOW! 

Every second, every minute, every day, months, years, decades will be exactly the same or worse Until You Will Have Enough! 

Belightfull is Your Elixir of Life! 

Do  you  respect  yourself ? 
Do  You  have  Enough?
Start  TODAY! 


Email : vikfitness@yahoo.co.uk