Health Is Wealth!

My name is Viktoriya and I am the founder of Belightfull.
Most Powerful platform for transformation on physical , mental and financial levels! 
I was born to do that! 

Although I have started as a fitness trainer and a professional fitness bikini model I very

soon realised that whilst specific physical exercises are amazing to help with improving and

changing body shape, growing strong muscles, burning stubborn body fat, improving relationships, sleep, stress management and wealth growth,

they are on their own definitely not enough.

My hunger and passion for a better quality of life has always led and inspired me to

learn, study and experiment more and more as I constantly acquire knowledge

about fitness, nutrition, mind work, motivation, self love, acceptance and an

understanding as to what makes us all “click”.

The realisation that each and everyone of us is very different and unique is key to

my approach to my clients and I am able to assess on an individual basis exactly

what it takes physically and mentally to start, continue and achieve desired results

in the most powerful, unique and healthy way.  

Together, we will transform your life, and maximise your results.
*Available for 1:1 office or home Personal Training, Online Training, Private travel, Luxury Retreats*

Professional Experience:
NLP Coaching - Working with the mind:
Changing habits, changing mindset to achieve results, demolishing fear and negative beliefs, successful goal setting etc.
Dietary advice, nutritional programming, sustainable dieting, implementing belightfull into your diet
Post natal:
Post natal recovery, core restoration, progressive training techniques, time manageable workouts for the busy mum
Special occasion training:
Bride & Groom pre-wedding training, corporate team building training, parent & child workouts etc.
Specialising In:
Weight / Fat loss
Muscle building / Toning
Core strength / Stability
Postural correction
What To Expect From Your Consultation:
We will discuss........
Your goals
Your lifestyle
Money / Wealth
Eating Habits
Social Life

Choose what works for you:

 Option 1

Live Skype Session
Live Exercise Demo
Live Feedback
Perfect For Travellers
Perfect For Business Trips
Perfect For Busy Bees
From Only £250

 Option 2

Personalised Nutrition Plan
Personalised Fitness Plan
 From Only £499

 Option 3

1:1 private sessions
in the comfort of your own home
From Only £999