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OUR ETHOS - "Belightfull" - “BE LIGHT by texture and FULL of flavour “ was born from the love of living a healthy wealthy long happy life.
Do you know how Powerful You Are? 
Do You feel you live to your Full Potential? 
 Everything is interconnected! Your physical health will effect your personal and financial satisfaction.
Can you Honestly say that you are Happy with Every area of your life? 
We know that the answer is NO!  That’s why you are here! 
Our services are Not for everyone!  
We are here Only for Real Men and Women who want to take 100% responsibility for Everything they have or don’t have in their life!  Only then, you can and will transform your life.
My name is Viktoriya. I am a most Powerful Health Fitness and Natural Beauty Coach.
I deliver results that will transform your body, mind and your entire life. 

My passion and philosophy started from a very young age as growing up in a big

healthy family we always used nature’s gifts as primary ingredients to maintain and

promote health, beauty and longevity that lead to a very magical and wealthy life. 

It is essential to understand that nature gives us all that we need - we just have to

use it!

Warm Wishes,
"Belightfull Team"