My Services

I'm on the mission! I want to show you how you can stay healthy, strong and active from inside and out no matter what you do and how busy is your lifestyle . It's our number 1 priority. As no matter what your dream is , what's your desire , you want to live long , healthy and happy to enjoy it all to the full. It's very easy to do. Let me show you how.
On our first session / consultation we will talk about what you want to change / improve in your lifestyle. It's not just about your body. I cover each aspect of your life: Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business, Stress Managent, Better Sleep, Improved Posture, Pain Free body and much more.
Based on this information, we will decide on what kind and amount of sessions will suit you the best. As for me it's all about getting you results beyond your expectation. No matter what it will take.
Each of my clients receive their own personalised training and nutrition plans to suit and support their needs and goals. And all of them get results .
You can choose one of the best ways that works for you:
1) Skype sessions : live session with my professional eye concentrated on your technique and motivation throughout the session. You can clearly see demonstration of each exercise. One of the most popular ways of training for my clients while away on holidays or business trips. As exercise and healthy eating is not just 3-4 sessions a week , it's a lifestyle , it's a mind set , it's the way to live.
2) online personalised nutrition and exercise plans.   After first consultation , you will receive personalised nutrition and exercise plans with video tutorials for maximum benefits and motivation. Another amazing way of keeping on track and exercising at your own time .
3) 1:1 private sessions or semi private group training in studio or in the comfort of your own home.
You choose the time and day and I'll be there . Your health is your wealth. Let's treasure it !
Just think about this for a moment. When you are healthy, strong and well nourished, you feel like you can climb the mountains. And some of you literary do . When at work - you are more creative , work better and faster. When with your kids- you have more energy and desire to play with them. If you are an owner of a company , you want your employees / partners to put maximum effort into each project . To get the best and most profitable results with anything you do , you need a power of your body to work with clarity of your mind. They both go hand in hand with each other.
Every emotion we experience is physical. When you scared or angry , you can feel it's effect on your body. And if your it's week, it can brake you.
Take your super healthy and strong body with you wherever you go .
My specialities are :
Corporate Health / Injury Prevention 
Wealth Growth through Physical & Emotional strength of your team

Natural Anti Ageing using holistic approach and natural ingredients

Cellulite Reduction 

Weight / fat loss 

Muscle Building / toning 

Changing body composition 

Specific Yoga , Pilates and Body movements tailored to each client individually 

Core restoration 

Flexibility using specific exercises and stretching 

1:1 , group and corporate health coaching

Healthy pain free back 

Posture and body alignment 

Pre and post natal Exercise and Nutrition 

Post natal core restoration, baby and mother nutrition 

Nutrition for maximum natural energy, beauty and longevity 

Skin and body Anti Ageing using natural ingredients and positive mindset 

Balancing PH level with alkaline v acidic diet 

Changing habits and goal setting 

Organic baked and raw treats free from: Wheat, Gluten, Dairy, Refined Sugars, Soya, Yeast, using years of knowledge, experience and study

Stress management 

Better sleep and recovery 

Self image and appreciation 

NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming



Special occasion training : couple wedding specials, group bonding training, kids and parents workouts etc.