Pre and Post Natal Holistic Plan (8 weeks )


Health of your baby and your own is our number #1 priority.  We will take you from the very beginning and after this life changing beautiful period of your life. Your body will change, your emotions will change, your life will change. And we are here to make it as comfortable, enjoyable, healthy and powerful experience ever.  
🌸Do you struggle to get pregnant?

🌸Do you struggle to recover after your pregnancy?  
🌸Are you being told that surgery is the only way to heal your diastasis recti ? 

1:1 Online Private Tailored to all your health and well-being requirements Plan  

We will discuss your needs, requirements, goals, problems and find the solutions to them the most holistic and healthy way 

Receive 10 weeks Complete guide to heal and support you before, during and after pregnancy on physical and emotional level.

8 private sessions ( 1:1 online )

Specific and tailored nutrition plan with recipes to support, nourish and feed you and your baby before  during and after your pregnancy with the best nutrients that your body needs at that stage of your life.
Specific and tailored for your body and needs exercises using Yoga, Pilates, Body weight movements , stretching, pelvic floor activations and all that You need to stay healthy, happy, strong and full of energy. 

Feel physically and mentally strong, happy and in control.
Specific breezing exercises to ease stress, fill your cells with oxygen and clear your mind
Complete core and pelvic floor restoration using tailored and specially selected for you exercises
Full body strengthening and stretching plan.
Get your energy and confidence back. Love yourself and your body. 
Manage your day, find time for yourself and feel like a queen of your life. 

1000s of happy mothers using our unique techniques all over the world.  Would you like to be one of them? 

Happy and Healthy woman = Happy and Healthy Life of the rest of the Family.