Weekly Private Group Video Sessions - Online


What can you expect from these private sessions?

Minimum group of 5 

Weekly - At the time and day that suits to the whole group

30 min private online session in closed group : exercise, nutrition and mind work

Live weekly videos where you can get inspired, exercise together, learn correct techniques and tricks for most amazing results.

Anti Ageing Skin Nutrition ingredients and recommendations

Anti Cellulite Exercises, Nutrition and Natural Beauty Product Recipes

Fat melting fresh smoothie recipes

Immune Boosters with Nutrition, Exercise and Water

Feminine health and beauty natural way

24/7 excess to the closed private group where you can watch the videos again and again even if you miss live streaming

My 20+ years Knowledge, teaching, support, sharing, results, changes in body and mind and so much more.

Weekly homework to maximise your results

No gym memberships! At the comfort of your own home / office! At the time and speed that suits you! It is like having your own private Health Coach with you.

Results! Action, dedication and consistency = success.

Monthly competitions! Winner will receive a gift

Self confidence and appreciation as all of you will be getting stronger and healthier.

Fun. Support. Competition. Teamwork. Winning. Gifts . Positive lifestyle changes. Q&A.

Do you want more? Just ask!