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by Viktoriya Khoma February 25, 2016



Food is on our thought and tongue more often that we realise. We love it's mouth watering flavours, attractive aromas, textures that vary from super soft and dissolving in your mouth to crunchy and more " unapproachable ". We love how it makes us feel. We love the change and blending of different spices or herbs, going from sweet to sour , from warm to cold, from spicy hot to icy cool. And it will always be spoiling us and our senses. Feels like if you eat different meals each day for the rest of your life , you will never run out of new recipes , ideas or blends. What else can offer us such a luxury ?

We use food for every occasion . We use it to bring welcoming aromas to our house, to "seduce" someone we like, to relax our body and mind, to enhance our feelings or censes , to create romantic or calming atmosphere. The list is endless and with your imagination there are no limits.

All of this beauty of flavours , textures and colours we bring to you through our baking. Each of our "babies" are very unique in its ingredients, taste and health benefits . There's no two alike . And no matter what you choose from our deliciously healthy and mouthwatering menu, you will be enjoying combination of flavours, colours and spices that sometimes gently and sometimes very strongly cover your taste buds with its love .

Be ready for ride of feelings inside of your body with each bite . As its all about how we make you feel .

Viktoriya Khoma
Viktoriya Khoma


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